Unity Is Laying Off 25% Of Its Employees

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Unity Announces Layoff of 25% Employees: Fourth Round in a Year

In a recent company-wide memo sent out by CEO Jim Whitehurst, Unity announced it will be letting go of approximately 1,800 employees, representing about 25% of its workforce. This is the fourth round of layoffs for Unity in the past 12 months.

Focusing on Core Business

“We are taking steps to reduce the number of things we are doing in order to focus on our core business and drive our long-term success and profitability,” Whitehurst said.

Previous Layoffs

The most recent round of layoffs follows those in November 2023, as well as earlier rounds in January and May of the previous year.

Committing to Impacted Employees

“We are committed to supporting those impacted by this difficult decision,” Unity stated in a press release.

Industry-wide Layoffs Continue

With over 10,000 people let go from the gaming industry in 2023, Unity’s layoffs are just one part of a larger trend that seems to be continuing into 2024. The company joins Slipgate Iron Works and Archiact in the list of gaming companies announcing layoffs this year.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about Unity’s latest round of layoffs? For more Insider Gaming news, check out Nvidia’s latest announcement.

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