PlayStation Planning PC Support For PSVR2 in 2024

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PlayStation Announces Plans for PC Support for PSVR2 in 2024

During a recent event, PlayStation revealed that it is currently testing the capability for PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC. The company hopes to make this support available in 2024.

Expanding the Selection of Games

Since the initial release of PSVR2 last year, which featured over thirty games throughout the launch window, fans have been eager for more. PC support could provide a major boost to the VR system’s library.

Speculation on Potential Games

Fans are already excited about the potential PC games that could come to PSVR2. However, PlayStation has not yet revealed the extent of this support.

Competition in the VR Market

The release of the Apple Vision Pro earlier this year, which received mixed reviews, may have lessened the competition for PSVR2. However, rumors persist that Xbox could invest in a handheld device in the future.

Classics for PSVR2

With Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stepping down next month, the PSVR2 may soon have an opportunity to include more classic games of its own with PC support in 2024.

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