Why Can’t Snakeshots Stop Ruining Warzone?

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Akimbo Snakeshot Revolvers: The Persistent Meta-Disrupting Trend in Warzone

Once again, Akimbo Snakeshot revolvers have taken over Warzone, causing frustration among players. This is not the first instance of ‘Snakeshots’ spoiling the fun in Call of Duty’s popular performance royale game, but why does this keep happening?

The Irritating Trend: Snakeshot Revolvers in Warzone

Last night, Raven Software removed the Snakeshot version of the Tyr – Modern Warfare 3’s powerful revolver – bringing an end to this bothersome trend. But what led to its prevalence in the first place?

Improbable Acts and Domination with Akimbo Tyrs

Recent clips have shown players performing remarkable feats with Akimbo Tyrs loaded with Snakeshot shells. Solo players have decimated entire teams, leaving nothing but game over screens for their opponents.

Overpowered and Repeating: The Snakeshot Issue in Warzone

The frustration drove many players crazy, and this is not the first time it’s happened. Every time Snakeshot rounds have been introduced to Warzone, they’ve caused problems. They last for a few days before being nerfed or patched out entirely, as Raven Software did during the recent ’emergency update.’

Mind-Boggling Overpowered Attachment: Snakeshot Ammo

It’s hard to understand how powerful these attachments are. Watch this clip: [embedded clip]

Player Frustration and Developer Response

Many players have vowed to stay away from Warzone until Raven Software addresses the issue. To their credit, the developer has taken action and is expected to reintroduce Snakeshot ammo once balance adjustments have been made.

What’s Next?

The question remains: what will be the next ludicrously overpowered attachment or weapon in Warzone? Only time will tell.

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