Athletes Can Now Opt-In to EA Sports College Football 25, Report Says

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College Football Players Can Now Opt-In to EA Sports’ College Football 25

According to the latest report from ESPN, college football players now have the opportunity to opt-in to EA Sports’ College Football 25 starting today. The video game developer has reportedly finalized its likeness plan, allowing up to 85 players per school to be included in the game’s rosters.

EA Sports’ Generous Offer

Sean O’Brien, EA Sports’ vice president of business development, revealed to ESPN that “we’ll be the largest program, likely the highest-spending program” for college football players’ participation. Those who choose to opt in will receive not only $600 but also a copy of the game.

EA Sports’ College Football 25: A Long-Awaited Reveal

Last week, EA Sports released an official teaser trailer for College Football 25, generating significant hype among fans. The full reveal of the game is expected soon, giving us a much-needed look at some gameplay.

Building Anticipation

The live-action teaser for the game has certainly built anticipation, especially after fans have waited for so long. WWE 2K24 recently made headlines when it featured Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair as dual cover stars, the first time in the series for two women to share this honor.

Additional NIL Opportunities

There will be more than 100 additional Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities for athletes to work with EA Sports. This could even include being the game’s cover athlete, which would be an impressive career milestone for a rising star athlete.

Following Suits: Inclusivity in Gaming

The inclusion of women as cover stars is a step towards greater representation and inclusivity, following WWE 2K24’s lead. Plenty of new athletes have the potential to join the game.

Creating Your Own Players

Daryl Holt, EA Sports’ senior vice president, confirmed that gamers will be allowed to create their own players. However, Holt also stated that opted-out players cannot be created and inserted into the game.

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