How to Get the Bee Pet in Last Epoch

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Unlocking the Adorable Bee Pet in Last Epoch: A Guide for ARPG Enthusiasts

Last Echo, an engrossing Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG), offers a vast array of content to engage players. With dungeons to conquer, quests to complete, and end-game arenas to challenge, the game ensures an immersive experience for all. Adding to the excitement are features like socializing with friends, trading items, and collecting various pets and cosmetics. In the current gaming landscape, one pet stands out amongst the rest: the bee pet. Here’s how to secure this cute companion for yourself!

Unlocking the Bee Pet through Referrals

To add the bee pet to your Last Epoch collection, follow these simple steps: 1) Share your referral code with potential players. 2) Ensure at least one player uses your code to register and purchase the game. 3) Once a claim is made, the bee pet will be yours! Remember that each referral code can only be used three times.

How to Obtain a Referral Code

If you’ve recently purchased Last Epoch, congratulations! You now have a referral code that you can distribute to friends. Use this opportunity to introduce new players to the game and earn some exclusive rewards.

Referral Code Limitations

It’s essential to note that there is a restriction on the number of referral codes you can send out for rewards. Once someone accepts your code and makes a purchase, they will list you as their referee, granting you additional cosmetics and pets as they become available. Right now, the bee pet is the only reward up for grabs.

Spread the Word and Unlock Adorable Rewards

Get ready to share your code with friends, family, and the gaming community. This referral system not only helps attract new players but also rewards you for your efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Start spreading the word and unlock some amazing cosmetics, including the sought-after bee pet!

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