Riot Games’ Project L Is Now 2XKO With Playtest Sign Ups Open

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Riot Games Announces New Name and Plans for 2XKO, Formerly Known as Project L

Exciting news from Riot Games! The studio officially announced that the game formerly known as Project L will now be called 2XKO. This new 2 v 2 fighting game, set to release in 2025, will feature characters from League of Legends and be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Growing Team and Big Plans for the Fighting Game Community

Executive producer Tom Cannon shared,

“Our dev team has grown significantly since we last talked, and things are really ramping up. Overall, we’re building an always-evolving fighting game for the FGC (fighting game community), and there’s so much to be excited for. But there’s also a lot we still have to figure out, and that’s where we need your help.”

According to Cannon, the team is bringing a playable demo of 2XKO to “a bunch of places across the world” throughout the year. Players can also sign up for playtests on the game’s official Website.

What Do You Think About the New Name and Plans?

What are your thoughts on Riot Games’ announcement of 2XKO and the upcoming plans for the game? For more Insider Gaming news, be sure to check out our exclusive on the current status of

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