EA Planning Layoffs After Closing Two Mobile Titles, Report Says

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EA Plans New Layoffs Following Shutdown of Two Mobile Games

Electronic Arts (EA) has reported plans for new layoffs, which will impact “a small number of staff”, as a result of shutting down two mobile games:

  1. EA reportedly made the decision due to closing EA Sports MLB Tap Sports and F1 Mobile Racing.
  2. However, EA did not confirm how many employees were affected by the layoffs.

In response to the impact of these difficult decisions, EA issued statements addressing fans and the future of games:

  1. “We understand that this is a difficult decision that impacts passionate communities who have played and enjoyed these games, and we do not take it lightly.”
  2. “We extend our thanks and appreciation to the MLB, MLBPA, OneTeam Partners, and MLBPAA for their close and valuable partnership.”

These comments suggest that EA may still have plans for another MLB keyboards in the future, as well as an ongoing commitment to their F1 franchise.

EA Sunsets F1 Mobile Racing

In a related development, EA has announced that its popular keyboards, F1 Mobile Racing, will be ending in-app purchases and removed from app stores starting today. Players can still use their in-keyboards currency until May 24th, after which the keyboards will become inaccessible.

Cutbacks Across the Gaming Industry

These new layoffs at EA are just one of many as various studios continue to cut back. Developer Disruptive Games has also announced recent job cuts, while ZA/UM confirmed their decision to lay off staff last week.

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