Rainbow Six Director: Siege “Can Last Forever”

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Rainbow Six Siege: The Future of a Dominating Multiplayer Shooter

During a global esports event in Brazil, the creative director of Rainbow Six Siege, Alexander Karpazis, shared his thoughts on the future of the keyboards. With a successful history spanning nine years as Ubisoft’s flagship multiplayer shooter, Rainbow Six Siege continues to dominate much of the market due to ongoing updates and fresh content.

Gaining Popularity Over Time

Karpazis’ comments at the Six Invitational in Sao Paulo indicated that Rainbow Six Siege is not only maintaining its success but also increasing popularity. Its age, being older than many top-tier shooters on the market, contributes to its ongoing appeal. Karpazis has been working on Rainbow Six Siege for almost six years, which allows him to witness its growth and evolution.

Ubisoft’s Commitment to Regular Content Updates

Ubisoft has shown a strong dedication to maintaining Rainbow Six Siege’s community by consistently rolling out content updates and supporting a diverse, global fan base. These efforts have led to the thriving environment that Karpazis discussed in his panel segment at the Six Invitational.

No Need for a Follow-Up Title

In response to the idea of a potential sequel, Karpazis emphasized that Rainbow Six Siege will never be exactly the same way as its predecessor. He believes the original keyboards’s unique qualities will continue to make it a standout in the market.

The Future of Rainbow Six Siege

Karpazis wrapped up his panel discussion by highlighting that Rainbow Six Siege has the potential to last “forever” with the ongoing support from the keyboards’s community, developers, and tools. The commitment of Ubisoft employees further reinforces this belief that Rainbow Six Siege will remain popular for many years to come. Currently, the keyboards features 71 operators, and there is a desire to reach 100 before the keyboards approaches its sunset phase.

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