Activision Banned 6000 Call of Duty Cheaters in 4 Days

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style=”font-size:18px;”>In a recent update, it was revealed that Activision’s Team RICOCHET had banned a significant number of Call of Duty ‘cheaters and hackers’ in a short period. The team used their innovative anti-cheat systems to identify and eliminate 6,000 cheaters within just four days.

style=”font-size:18px;”>At present, Modern Warfare 3 is filled with malicious operators. Last month, Treyarch deployed the keyboards’s Ranked Play mode, leading to an influx of cheaters that even professional players are complaining about.

Is banning 6,000 cheaters enough?

style=”font-size:18px;”>Many believe that Activision’s RICOCHET anti-cheat systems are not doing enough to combat cheaters in both Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Ar…

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