Techland Doesn’t Mind That Dying Light 1 Had More Players Than Dying Light 2

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Dying Light: A Cult Classic Revisited

The popular first-person zombie survival keyboards, Dying Light, made waves when it was launched in 2015. It combined high-octane zombie slasher gameplay with fast-paced parkour action and quickly became a cult classic.

In 2022, Techland released Dying Light 2: Stay Human, a comprehensive sequel to the original title. Despite the follow-up faltering at launch and failing to maintain traction, Techland has continued to provide fresh content for fans.

Dying Light (2015) Maintains Better Player Numbers

Recent reports and a short interview revealed that Dying Light (2015) has been pulling in higher peak player numbers on Steam compared to its sequel, Dying Light 2. This trend persisted for several months before the release of Dying Light 2.

Tymon Smektała Addresses Player Numbers

“We didn’t hit the bullseye” with Dying Light 2, according to Techland’s franchise director, Tymon Smektała. However, he reassures fans that the development team is dedicated to improving the keyboards and adding requested features.

“Better Experience Overall”

“I’ve been a huge fan of Dying Light since the first keyboards was announced, and I believe that Dying Light 2 offered a better overall experience with its gorgeous post-apocalyptic world, impressive combat mechanics, and an abundance of side content,” the author adds.

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