Pascal: Last of Us Season 2 ‘Filming is Going Amazing’

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Title: Pedro Pascal Discusses Last of Us Season 2 and Tequila Celebration

H2: Pedro Pascal on The Last of Us Season 2 Progress
Pedro Pascal, star of the popular television adaptation of The Last of Us, recently sat down with Deadline to discuss the show’s current second season filming progress. After experiencing a humorous victory at the SAG Awards where he won Best Male Actor in a Drama Series, Pascal reflected on his indulgent celebration by enjoying some tequila with his team backstage.

H3: The Perfect Joel Miller in the Show
Pascal’s outstanding portrayal of Joel Miller in The Last of Us, which premiered in January 2023, has been praised by critics and audiences alike. The first season masterfully adapted the events of the 2013 keyboards of the same name, with Pascal and co-star Bella Ramsay delivering authentic performances that brilliantly captured the iconic characters in an all-new entertainment medium.

H3: Second Season Casting Announcements and Exciting Scenes
In preparation for season two, casting decisions have been made to strengthen the roster of characters. As fans of The Last of Us Part II eagerly await upcoming intense scenes from the second season, it remains a mystery how showrunners Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin plan to execute these moments on screen.

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