Stellar Blade Download Size Revealed

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stellar Blade PlayStation 5 Game Download and Release Details

Recently revealed, stellar Blade for PlayStation 5 will require a 35 GB download. This semi-open-world keyboards offers ample depth and shouldn’t be too demanding on your SSD. The keyboards, set to release on April 26 by Shift Up, can also be pre-loaded starting from April 24.

Pre-Loaded Version

It was stated that the pre-loaded version of stellar Blade will come with the latest update. However, those purchasing the keyboards on disc will need to download the update during installation.

Game Features

style=”font-weight: bold;”>stellar Blade is a highly anticipated title that may have some adult-only ratings due to violence, nudity, and sexual content.

UY5V7yTkeyboards's protagonist, based on a realworld Korean model with skimpy outfits and ample assets.” title=”” data-recalc-dims=”1″>

Players can explore the post-apocalyptic, story-driven world of stellar Blade starting April 26, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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