INTERVIEW: Kingmakers Will Be The ‘Ultimate Medieval Fantasy’, Says Dev

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Title: Kingmakers: A Medieval Action-RTS Game with Unique Time Travel Elements

Recently, an all-new title named Kingmakers has been revealed, offering players the chance to time-travel back to medieval England and alter the course of history by utilizing vast armies, castles, and even attack helicopters. Developed by Redemption Road, this unique game has generated hype due to its fusion of intense battles, empire building, and historical impact.

Ian and Paul Fisch from Redemption Road discussed the origins of this ambitious project. One of their internal pitches was to bring modern weapons into medieval England, but they realized that such a drastic change required a high level of historical accuracy and a vast number of soldiers on the field. They decided to maintain the concept’s essence while ensuring high-fidelity animations, physics, and hit reactions expected from an AAA title like The Last of Us 2.

Paul Fisch further explained that the medieval setting was chosen as it represents a more iconic backdrop. He also mentioned that Army of Darkness inspired the scale and action in Kingmakers. The game has been in development for several years, aiming to deliver a meaningful campaign with more than “quick jump-in random battles.” Players will be able to create multiple alternate futures by altering their actions in the past.

As for gameplay mechanics, Kingmakers features advanced animation systems, AI pathfinding, and online multiplayer capabilities, all while maintaining stability during development with thousands of soldiers on the screen simultaneously. Currently, Redemption Road is focusing on cooperative gameplay but plans to introduce player-vs.-player combat at some point in the future.

Kingmakers is set for release in 2024 and promises immersive gameplay that will keep players captivated for hours on end. For more Insider Gaming coverage, stay tuned to the news section.

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