Bit Reactor’s Star Wars Strategy Game is Still in Development

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Title: Star Wars Strategy Game Bit Reactor Developing Unaffected by Industry Cuts

In recent weeks, the gaming industry has faced a challenging period as thousands of workers were laid off across various studios and projects. Several live games were also shut down, including EA’s first-person shooter based on the bounty-hunting activities of a Mandalorian protagonist. However, Bit Reactor’s partnership with Respawn Entertainment for their Star Wars strategy game remains unaffected by these recent events.

Bit Reactor and Respawn announced their collaboration in 2022 after the latter studio was founded. The development team has managed to keep the project under wraps, with little information about its progress. Despite the recent layoffs and closures within EA’s studios, the Star Wars game is expected to be in a much better state than most projects.

According to Electronic Arts’ plans, they aim to move away from licensed IP that does not belong to them, such as Star Wars. While a third Star Wars Jedi game is still in development, EA’s focus will shift toward owned IP. This decision led to the removal of 700 employees from the company.

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