TimeSplitters 4 Playable Prototype Found in PS3 DevKit

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Title: TimeSplitters 4 Prototype Found on eBay DevKit: Preserved by Redditors and Awaiting Archiving

Header 1: Exciting Discovery of TimeSplitters 4 Prototype
Header 2: Free Radical Design’s Franchise Revival Hopes Reawakened

Last year, the gaming world was hit with disappointing news when it was revealed that Free Radical Design had shut down, putting an end to hopes for a return of the beloved TimeSplitters franchise. The series’ last outing was Future Perfect, released in 2005 after the release of the third game in the series. Speculations about TimeSplitters 4 began to circulate since 2007, but it never came to fruition.

Recently, a user on Reddit stumbled upon a significant discovery – an original TimeSplitters 4 prototype running on a PlayStation 3 DevKit purchased from eBay. The find has generated enthusiasm among the PS3 subreddit community, as the user shared images and details of their unexpected discovery.

The user, Flimsy-Zebra3775, purchased the DevKit for £525 and managed to boot and run a prototype of TimeSplitters 4. Many Redditors have urged Flimsy-Zebra3775 to either share or upload the files to ensure their preservation and possible datamining for further insights.

Flimsy-Zebra3775, recognized as a gaming historian in the Redditor community, confirmed their plans to hand over the files to the TimeSplitters subreddit’s archive team as soon as possible. With their assistance, they will ensure that the product receives the respect it deserves among fans and preservationists alike.

As of now, video footage has not been made available yet, but Redditors are eagerly awaiting further updates on this exciting discovery and its implications for the future of the TimeSplitters franchise. For more insider coverage and insights into gaming, follow our pages for the latest news, events, and developments within the industry.

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