New Elden Ring Expansion Details Possibly Leaked

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New Elden Ring and Thrustmaster Collaboration Leaked: Syncing with Upcoming Expansions

A recent leak suggests an upcoming collaboration between Elden Ring and Thrustmaster will sync with the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, possibly launching around Elden Ring’s first anniversary on February 25, 2023.

Potential Release Dates for Thrustmaster Controllers

According to the leak, a second collaboration might also be in the works for 2025. This release would sync with another expansion or “major keybeat.”

The Validity of the Leak

The leaks were initially discovered on a DataBlitz product page but were quickly removed. Backed-up images from elsewhere were also taken down, adding credibility to the leak.

Possible Announcement of Elden Ring’s Next Expansion

Some fans have pointed out that it would be unusual for Elden Ring not to announce a major expansion at The Game Awards in December. However, there is still a possibility of an announcement this month.

Flexibility with Thrustmaster Controller Designs

Note that the release dates, if accurate, are not definitive. The leaks could also refer to announcement dates instead of actual launch dates.

Golden Limited Edition Thrustmaster Controllers

The leaked images revealed limited edition Thrustmaster controllers with golden accents that match the Erdtree. The second collaboration focuses on characters, featuring designs for Malenia and Ranni.

Open to Changes in Thrustmaster Controller Designs

Thrustmaster has stated that they are open to changes in the controller designs.

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**Elden Ring and Thrustmaster Collaboration: Upcoming Limited Edition Controllers**

According to recent leaks, Elden Ring and Thrustmaster are collaborating on limited edition controllers that will sync with upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion celebrations.

**Potential Release Dates**

These collaborations may be released around February 25th, coinciding with Elden Ring’s original launch date in 2022. An additional collaboration for 2025 is rumored to be in development, syncing with another expansion or major milestone.

**Leaked Images and Controversy**

Images of the potential Thrustmaster controller designs for 2024 surfaced on a DataBlitz product page, which was subsequently removed. Backed-up images were also taken down, increasing the leak’s credibility.

**Community Speculation**

Elden Ring fans speculate that an announcement for a big expansion might have been expected at The Game Awards in February. However, there is still a possibility of an announcement this month, as Elden Ring announcements have historically come close to release dates.

**Syncing with Expansion Releases or Announcement Dates?**

It is essential to note that if the Thrustmaster collaboration is indeed planning to sync with expansion releases, the dates are not definitive. The leaks could also refer to announcement dates rather than actual release dates, giving developers more time to build hype for the next expansion.

**Limited Edition Thrustmaster Controllers**

The Thrustmaster controllers will be limited edition and boast a golden finish that matches the Erdtree itself. The second collaboration focuses on character designs, including Malenia and Ranni. However, Thrustmaster is open to changes for the controller designs as well.

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