Publishers Worried About Supporting Xbox Moving Forward, Report Claims

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Third-Party Publishers Express Concerns over Xbox Console Support

The future of Xbox console support from third-party publishers is becoming a topic of concern, as per a recent report from the head of Insider Gaming,

Xbox Sales Lagging in Europe: Major Concern for Publishers

“The other thing I heard, I heard it from a very prominent company and one not so prominent, was Xbox’s performance in Europe is just flatlining,”

He continued by sharing, “You can follow our monthly coverage in the games market and you can see that Xbox sales are falling,”

This trend has been ongoing since last year, and it’s getting worse this year. One major company that released a big game last year expressed their confusion by saying, ‘I don’t know why we bothered supporting it’.”

PC and PS5 Dominate Current Market: Publishers’ Perspective

Furthermore, it was mentioned that third-party publishers currently view the market as dominated by PC and PS5.

contact Sales Concerns: Implications for Global Publishers

It is important to note that the report specifically mentions contact sales. However, it remains unclear if the publishers in question are based in Europe or elsewhere.

Insider Gaming reached out to Microsoft for comment on these potential concerns, but as of now, none of our requests have been answered.

What Does the Future Hold for Xbox?

With these concerns surrounding publishers and future support, what does the future hold for Xbox? Stay tuned to Insider Gaming for more updates.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer’s Wishes for the Platform

Meanwhile, Xbox head Phil Spencer has expressed his desires for the platform. Read about them in our latest article.

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