Bethesda Reaffirms It’s Developing Elder Scrolls 6 Now

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Bethesda Confirms Development of The Elder Scrolls 6: A New Chapter in the Legendary Series

August marked a significant milestone for The Elder Scrolls franchise as it turned 30. To celebrate, Bethesda Game Studios shared an update on social media about the next installment in the beloved series – The Elder Scrolls 6 (TES 6).

A Franchise That Continues to Thrive

Thirty years is an impressive accomplishment for any franchise, especially one that maintains its popularity. Bethesda Game Studios recently reflected on the history of The Elder Scrolls and its current state. They mentioned the success of TES: Castles, a recent release in the series, and the continued support for Skyrim’s Creation Club.

Looking Ahead: ‘The Next 30 Years’ of The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda Game Studios expressed optimism about the future of The Elder Scrolls, expressing their plans for ‘the next 30 years’ of the franchise. After TES 6 is released, the studio will shift focus to Fallout 5. With an estimated release window of five to eight years after The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s single-player entry, fans can expect the next Fallout title sometime around 2025 or later.

The Elder Scrolls 6 in Development

Bethesda’s update confirmed that TES 6 is indeed under development. They emphasized, ‘We are in development on the next chapter – The Elder Scrolls VI’. Though details about the game’s setting, release date, or features have yet to be shared, fans can look forward to a new adventure in the open-world RPG series.

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