The Finals Is Still Suffering Under The Weight Of Cheaters

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The Surprising Success of The Finals: 10 Million Players in Two Weeks

Embark Studios’ new shooter, The Finals, has experienced unprecedented success since its sudden reveal during The Game Awards in December 2022. Within just two weeks of release, the game boasted an impressive player base of 10 million individuals. This achievement came shortly after a highly successful beta phase that garnered numerous positive reviews from gamers.

A Beta Plagued by Cheaters

Despite the initial excitement, the beta period was marred by a significant issue: cheating. This problem was a concern for many fans of The Finals, who assumed that it would be addressed by the time the game went live. Sadly, over a month after launch, the cheating situation seems to have worsened, with technical hurdles impeding Embark Studios’ efforts to tackle this issue.

The Frenetic and Innovative Shooter

The Finals is a captivating, fast-paced first-person shooter with unique features and exhilarating gunplay. As Embark Studios’ debut title, it has already demonstrated tremendous success through its free-to-play business model. The game has been designed with a competitive edge and has quickly become a must-try for fans of the genre.

A Community Concerned about Cheaters

Despite the game’s innovation and entertainment value, conversations on social media platforms have primarily focused on cheating. Thousands of disgruntled players are taking to Twitter and Reddit to express their frustration with the abundance of cheaters, especially those trying to enjoy the game’s Ranked modes.

Addressing Cheating: A Work in Progress

According to recent reports, Embark Studios has faced ‘technical issues’ that have obstructed their ability to ban cheaters. However, the studio is reportedly close to a solution and remains committed to ensuring a ‘smooth, safe, and fair’ gaming experience for all players.

The Persistent Issue of Cheating in Multiplayer Games

Sadly, The Finals is not alone in its struggle against cheaters. Games like Escape From Tarkov, Warzone, VALORANT, and Fortnite have all faced similar challenges. The prevalence of cheating in multiplayer titles has become a seemingly unavoidable issue for both developers and players alike.

Have You Been Affected by Cheaters in The Finals?

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