Stellar Blade Now Launching in 2024

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stellar Blade’s Release Date: What We Know So Far

Anticipated action-adventure game stellar Blade, developed by Shift Up and published by Sony, is set to release some time in 2024.

From “Project Eve” to a Later Release

Originally known as “Project Eve,” stellar Blade was initially planned for a 2023 release. However, as the year came to an end and a concrete launch date remained uncertain, an updated release window for 2024 was announced.

Speculation on Potential Delay

Despite the vague “next year” release window, there’s a growing speculation that stellar Blade might not launch early next year. Some fans believe that the game may have a Q2 release or even a later date.

Cause of Delay Unknown

No official reason has been given for the delay. Given the game’s ambitious nature, it could involve larger issues that require extra development time.

First Console Title with a Mature Narrative

Last September, Shift Up shared details about stellar Blade. It is a hack-and-slash adventure where humans defend the Earth from alien hordes as they try to escape. The game will feature a “mature narrative to create something all new,” making it Shift Up’s debut console title and exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

Emphasis on DualSense Features and Stunning Visuals

Although no official confirmation has been made about last-gen support, the blog mentions an emphasis on DualSense features and “stunning visuals.” This suggests that other ports might not be prioritized to ensure a full experience for the PlayStation 5 version.

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