PS5 Outsold Xbox Series X|S By 3-1, Research Firm Says

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Sony’s Impressive 2023: PS5 Console Sales Surpass Xbox Series X|S by a Wide Margin

This year has been a remarkable one for Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) console sales. The tech giant recently announced that it has sold more than 50 million consoles to consumers, and new data from research firm Ampere Analysis reveals an even more impressive statistic: the PS5 outsold Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S by a 3-1 margin in 2023.

PS5 Sales Surge Ahead of Xbox in 2023

According to data from Ampere Analysis, PS5 sales grew by a whopping 65% in 2023, while Xbox sales dropped nearly 15%. “There was a lot of pent-up demand for the PS5,” Ampere’s head of games research, Piers Harding-Rolls, told GameInformer.

“When the supply came in, Sony broke all records in the first quarter of this year,” Harding-Rolls explained. “Sony had a lot of demand built up, and when they were able to meet that demand, sales exploded.”

PS5 Beats PS4 Sales Milestone One Week Earlier

Compared to the last-generation PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony reached the 50 million consoles sold milestone one week earlier in the lifespan of the PS5 – a significant achievement considering it took the PS4 161 weeks to reach this figure.

Sony Expects PS5 to Outsell PS4

“We expect the PS5 to outsell the PS4 over its lifetime,” Sony’s head of global business, Eric Lempel, told GameInformer. One reason for this confidence is that the supply chain issues that hindered PS5 sales at the beginning of its cycle have been largely resolved.

“I think we have the ability to get there,” Lempel stated. “Demand for the PS5 going into this year was huge… Momentum is strong now and it’s continuing.”

What Are Your Thoughts on PS5’s Dominant Performance?

Do you think the PS5 will continue to outsell the Xbox Series X|S? For more Insider Gaming, read our game-preview”>preview of 2025’s Call of Duty game.

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