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Discover Ancient Mesoamerica: Build and Manage Your Aztec Empire in Tentlan

Embark on a historical journey through ancient Mesoamerica as you build and manage your Aztec empire in Tentlan, the unique free-to-play contact strategy game developed by Lionmoon UG.

The Ancient World of Tentlan

In this richly detailed contact strategy game, you’ll navigate the complexities of ancient civilizations as you manage resources, build your city, and engage in warfare. The backdrop of the game is a turbulent era where the Eagle empire faces upheaval due to the Balam dynasty’s desire for revenge. Your mission: prevent chaos and build a new, prosperous empire.

Starting Your Journey

Beginning in the heart of the rainforest with nothing but your determination, you’ll encounter various quests and rituals as you grow your empire. Complete quests for rewards like experience points and resources from NPCs such as Ahkin, Itzel, and their father.

Important Moments: Rituals

Rituals are significant occasions in the game that provide benefits, such as changing seasons to suit your needs. Performing these rituals contributes to a more balanced and successful civilization.

Features of Tentlan

Some standout features in Tentlan include:

  • Free-to-play with no need to spend money for success, though optional in-game purchases are available.
  • Unique blend of city-building and strategy elements.
  • No campaign, but various quests and rituals to engage with.

Playing Tentlan: Accessibility and Availability

Access Tentlan via your web browser on any major platform, or download it for free from Steam. Unfortunately, mobile support is not yet available.

Should You Play Tentlan?

With its rich historical context and engaging gameplay, Tentlan is an excellent choice for those who enjoy city-building MMOs with a strategic twist. Plus, new players are welcomed with sign-up bonuses to kickstart their empire.

Getting Started: Tips for Beginners

Follow these tips to ensure a successful start in your Aztec empire:

  • Focus on expanding your city while managing resources effectively.
  • Build a strong defense to protect against enemy attacks.
  • Utilize quests and rituals for experience points, resources, and bonuses.

Join the ancient world of Tentlan today and see what you can create!

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