How to Respec Passives in Last Epoch

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Respecing Passives in Last Epoch: Optimize Your Build

As a player, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my character in RPGs. In Last Epoch, when I feel the need for a more potent build, I know it’s time to respec my passive skills. Here’s how to do it:

Resetting Passive Skills in Last Epoch

To reset passive skills in Last Epoch, locate Chronomancer Lerinne at The Keepers’ Camp, your first hub in the game. You’ll find her near the portal in the central area of the safe zone.

Speak to Lerinne and choose “Respecialize Mastery Point Allocations” when presented with the option. This will open up your passive skill tree, allowing you to reallocate your points and optimize your build.

Why Respec Passives in Last Epoch?

Perhaps you’re not dealing enough damage or feel too squishy. Resetting your passive points can help you address these concerns and improve your character’s overall performance.

Respecing Active Skills in Last Epoch

Passive skills provide valuable background buffs, but your active abilities are crucial for dealing damage and taking down mobs. If you’re not satisfied with an active skill, here’s how to respec it:

Open up your skill tree, select the unwanted skill, and choose ‘Respec’ at the top right of the menu. From there, you can allocate points to other skills or further enhance existing abilities.

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