Naughty Dog Dev: TLOU2 ‘No Return’ Mode is ‘STRESSFUL’

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Naughty Dog Developer Warns Players: The Last of Us Part II’s No Return Mode is Extremely Challenging

As the release date for The Last of Us Part II Remastered on PlayStation 5 approaches, one Naughty Dog team member has taken to social media to emphasize the intensity of the upcoming ‘No Return’ roguelike mode. Previously announced as a new survival-based feature in TLOU2 Remastered, this randomized challenge has now been revealed to be quite daunting, especially for those less familiar with the game.

Senior Character Artist Del Walker Shares Insights on No Return

Del Walker, a Senior Character Artist at Naughty Dog, shared details about the new No Return mode in a recent tweet, promising that players will be taking on diverse characters and battling their way through dynamically generated environments with varying weapons, adversaries, abilities, and perks each time.

Beyond Wave Survival

“No Return is not for the faint of heart,” Walker emphasized in his post. The trailer Naughty Dog released to demonstrate No Return only strengthened this warning, with its ominous tone, dark atmosphere, and hordes of enemies relentlessly attacking the player – not to mention the grotesque boss encounters.

A Word of Caution for The Last of Us Part II Remastered Players

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