Resident Evil 9 Possibly Going Open World, It’s Claimed

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Resident Evil 9: Potential Open World Game with RE Engine

According to reputable leaker Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 9 may follow the RE Engine path and venture into an open world.

Long-Awaited Game with Speculated 2025 Launch

The anticipation for Resident Evil 9 is high, as it’s been in development for years. Many gamers believe that the game will make its debut in 2025. The most recent core title in the series is Resident Evil Village, which was released in 2021.

Open World Gameplay for Both RE9 and Monster Hunter Wild

Dusk Golem, known as @AestheticGamer1 on Discord, has shared intriguing details about Resident Evil 9. They hinted that the game could offer a significant leap in terms of scope for the series.

Monster Hunter Wild, also rumored to be using the same technology, should allegedly retain its franchise identity despite this change.

Impressive Features and Delayed Launch

Last October, Dusk Golem hinted at impressive features for Resident Evil 9. The potential shift to open world gameplay could explain the longer-than-expected development time.

Expansion of RE Engine with Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dusk Golem claims that Dragon’s Dogma 2 expanded the RE Engine’s capabilities. The game faced challenges at launch due to in-game monetization and performance issues.

Capcom has since addressed the concerns, ensuring players that they can earn items in-game or purchase them as DLC.

Preparing for a Smoother Launch

Despite the initial issues with Dragon’s Dogma 2, it may have helped Capcom identify and rectify potential flaws for a more polished Resident Evil 9 launch. Until then, fans can enjoy the recently released Complete Edition, which contains both the base game and DLCs.

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