Mike Straw’s Top Games Of 2023

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Top 10 Video Games of 2023:

My Unforgettable Gaming Journey in 2023

As the curtain falls on 2023, it’s time to reflect upon an eventful year in the gaming industry. Despite its ups and downs, we were fortunate enough to witness some remarkable titles. Here’s my personal list of the top 10 video games that left an indelible mark on me this year.

Brave Dave the Diver: An Enchanting RPG

Dive into the captivating world of Brave Dave the Diver, an RPG that balances intricate gameplay with relaxation. With stunning visuals and a suspenseful atmosphere, this game keeps you engaged for hours on end.

Mintrocket: A Memorable Blend of Management and Adventure

Mintrocket masterfully combines elements of a management sim and traditional adventure exploration. Its addictive gameplay and immersive storyline make it an experience you won’t soon forget.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Almost Perfect

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a near-perfect game that has already left a lasting impact on players. Its dedication to the Dungeons & Dragons source material and open-ended nature make it one of the most replayable games in recent memory.

Hi-Fi Rush: A Surprising Gem

This unexpected gem from Tango Gameworks, Hi-Fi Rush, seamlessly integrates rhythm and action. Its fun soundtrack and engaging storyline make it a must-play for fans of Jet Set Radio and original experiences.

El Paso, Elsewhere: A Trippy Adventure

Experience the mind-bending journey of El Paso, Elsewhere as you navigate through a motel filled with increasingly daunting floors. With a unique homage to games like Max Payne and Dead to Rights, this title is a thrilling ride.

More Top Games of 2023

Keep exploring as we delve deeper into the world of 2023’s finest games:

Tchia: A Vibrant Tribute to Culture

Discover the enchanting world of Tchia, a game that pays homage to its source while providing a memorable gaming experience. With a beautiful storyline and open-world gameplay, this title is not to be missed.

What Were Your Favorite Games of 2023?

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