Microsoft Ending Support For Windows Mixed Reality

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Microsoft Announces End of Support for Windows Mixed Reality: What Does This Mean for Users?

In a recent announcement, Microsoft revealed that it will be phasing out Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) as of December 2023.

“Windows Mixed Reality is Deprecated,” Says Microsoft

Microsoft announced that WMR is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Windows.

Implications for the Mixed Reality Portal App and SteamVR

As part of this deprecation, both the Mixed Reality Portal app and support for SteamVR will also come to an end.

Market Share of Windows Mixed Reality vs. Other VR Platforms

According to the latest data, Windows Mixed Reality headsets make up just 5.18% of VR users on the platform. This figure is significantly less than the 40% who use the Oculus Quest 2 and the 18.65% who use the Valve Index.

A Look Back: The Last WMR-Specific Headset Released in 2020

The last mixed reality-specific headset to hit the market was the HP Reverb G2 in 2020. Since then, no new devices have been released for the platform.

Microsoft’s Continued Support for Other VR Platforms

Despite Microsoft’s decision to abandon its own VR headset platform, the company continues to support other platforms. For instance, it recently released a beta version of its apps on Meta Quest 3.

What About Existing Users with WMR Headsets?

Insider Gaming reached out to Microsoft for clarification on whether users with mixed reality headsets, such as the HP Reverb G2, Samsung Odyssey, and others, will still be able to use them for games they currently own within Steam VR despite Microsoft’s lack of support.

Your Thoughts on Microsoft Ending Support for Windows Mixed Reality?

What do you think about Microsoft ending support for Windows Mixed Reality? For more insights into the gaming industry, read about the potential for exclusive games at various PlayStation studios.

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