Fortnite Rocket Racing Editor Details Leaked

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Exclusive Tools Revealed for Upcoming Fortnite Rocket Racing Editor

@BeastFNCreative, a well-known Fortnite leaker, shared on Twitter some details about the upcoming Rocket Racing Editor.

Basic Mechanics and Creative Tools

@BeastFNCreative revealed that the Rocket Racing Editor will include basic mechanics for controlling player start positions, vehicle spawning, and checkpoints. Additionally, it will offer creative tools like speed pads, physics rate effects, and an overall race manager.

Release Date and Previous Leaks

No official release date has been announced for the Rocket Racing Editor. However, Fortnite’s blog confirmed last month that new features including “speed run leaderboards, further customization options, creator-made tracks, and Season 1” are coming soon. This supports @BeastFNCreative’s claim that the Rocket Racing Editor will be available shortly.

In November 2023, other Fortnite leaks surfaced, showcasing the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) and hinting at the Rocket Racing Editor. Leaker @BeastFNCreative also shared information about the upcoming Death Race mode.

Core Gameplay of Death Race Mode

@BeastFNCreative explained that the goal of Death Race mode is for players to add “deadly obstacles” on the track and make it “harder to complete.”

Potential Features of Rocket Racing Editor

The term “race manager” in the Rocket Racing Editor is unclear, but adjusting physics and adding speed pads would be ideal for intricate track construction, taking into account tempo and more. The physics aspect could lead to some captivating creations.

Fortnite Festival and Other Developments

Fortnite Festival is expected to feature over 100 events and offer legacy instrument support. For more gaming industry news, read about the recent layoffs affecting around one third of staff at a major studio.

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