Battlestate’s Developers Have Revealed What’s Next For Tarkov

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Tarkov TV Stream: A Look into the Future of Escape from Tarkov and Tarkov Arena

During a recent lengthy Tarkov TV stream, Nikita Buyanov, the Head of Studio at Battlestate Games, along with several developers, shared insights into the upcoming plans for Escape from Tarkov and Tarkov Arena. Here’s a summary of what was discussed.

Tarkov Arena

Logging in before January 5 will reward users with a bonus payment of 1.5 million roubles in-game. Starting Q1 of 2024, Tarkov Arena players will be able to link their profiles with Escape from Tarkov profiles, but details about potential benefits are yet to be revealed. Additionally, Tarkov Arena will undergo ‘wipes’ like the core game.

Escape from Tarkov

In the coming months, Battlestate Games’ extraction shooter experience will see several changes. One major update is the introduction of seasons based on weather conditions. Another change is the revamping of Ground Zero, the new map with a level cap. The map will be opened up in two separate queues – one for players below LL15 and another for players above LL15.

The team also aims to rework the game’s visuals and recreate vegetation across Tarkov’s expansive maps. Finally, Nikita revealed plans to ‘close the game cycle’, introducing a proper endgame scenario, allowing users to – finally – escape from Tarkov.

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