13-Year-Old Player Defeats And Crashes Tetris

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13-Year-Old Gamer Blue Scuti Defeats Tetris with a “True” Killscreen

Willis Gibson, known in the gaming world as Blue Scuti, has recently achieved an impressive feat – defeating Tetris by reaching a point where the game crashes with a “true” killscreen. This record-breaking event was showcased on the official Classic Tetris Website, featuring an interview with the young prodigy.

A Classic Game with Modern Appeal

First introduced over three decades ago, Tetris remains a beloved retro game. Its popularity endures, as evidenced by the ongoing Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC), which kicked off this week and includes Blue Scuti as a participant.

A New Era of Competition in the World of Tetris

The recent surge in interest in Tetris can be attributed to last year’s surprise hit movie that brought the game’s true story of Henk Rogers and its distribution to the forefront.

Setting New Records in Tetris

Blue Scuti’s accomplishment now sets a new benchmark for players. They completed the game in approximately 40 minutes, setting a high bar for future competitors.

Future Plans and Challenges

As fans eagerly anticipate what’s next for Blue Scuti, the official interview provided some insight into their future plans. If someone manages to beat their record, they plan to “go after it and take it back.” Additionally, they are committed to participating in more professional competitions.

The Pressure of the Game

Blue Scuti acknowledged that their nerves started to kick in around the 30-minute mark. The importance of a successful “5 tap” sequence made them particularly anxious, as missing one could potentially end their run.

Overcoming Challenges

The hardest level for Blue Scuti to complete was 146. They mentioned that the color green simply didn’t show up well on their TV, posing a significant challenge.

In Memory of Adam Gibson

Blue Scuti dedicated their remarkable run to their late father, Adam Gibson, who passed away in December 2023.

A New Generation of Tetris Players

Blue Scuti’s achievement is sure to inspire a new wave of interest in the classic game, encouraging more players to try their hand at Tetris. For more information on recent gaming news, explore the controversy surrounding Nexon and the MapleStory scandal.

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