It Looks Like Skull and Bones Will Actually, Finally Be Released

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Skull and Bones: A Tumultuous Development Journey Towards Release

Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s pirate-based multiplayer epic, has faced an unprecedented development hurdle. With numerous delays, the game has been pushed back countless times, undergoing tweaks, updates, and modifications from the developer. The latest announced release date is February 16, 2024, and all indications suggest a successful launch on that day.

Open Beta: A Chance for Players to Test the Waters

An open beta for Skull and Bones is scheduled from February 8-11, inviting gamers to explore Ubisoft’s nautical adventure. Given the game’s prolonged ‘development hell’ lasting over six years, it’s astonishing that it has advanced this far.

Gold Standard and Continuous Improvement

Skull and Bones is said to have gone gold long ago. Since then, Ubisoft has dedicated time and effort to refining the game, with feedback from playtests and closed beta phases showing improvement over time.

The Importance of a Strong Endgame

As a live-service game intended for endless play, Skull and Bones’ endgame plays a vital role in maintaining player engagement. A weak endgame, as seen with Bethesda’s Fallout 76 – the first multiplayer Fallout title, can lead to an unsatisfying gameplay experience.

Countdown to Launch: Three Weeks and Counting

As we near Skull and Bones’ launch, the question remains: will these final weeks pass without any significant hiccups?

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