Twitch Makes Changes To Streamer Payouts

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Twitch Announces Major Changes to Streamer Payout Programs: Here’s What You Need to Know

Good news for Twitch streamers! The platform has recently announced several changes to its payout programs designed to increase the amount of money streamers earn each month. In a blog post on the company’s Website, Twitch revealed three key revenue-related updates that will allow streamers to make more money without altering their content or streaming style.

Expansion of the Twitch Plus Program

Effective May 1, Twitch will expand its Plus Program to allow more streamers to qualify for premium net revenue share rates. This expansion includes renaming the program from “Partner Plus Program” to simply “Plus Program,” and introducing a new point system for earning eligibility: one point for each Tier 1 subscription, two points for Tier 2 subscriptions, and six points for Tier 3 subscriptions. According to Twitch, this change will allow three times as many streamers to qualify for the premium revenue share rates.

Elimination of $100,000 Cap on 70/30 Revenue Split

Twitch has also done away with the $100,000 annual cap for a 70/30 revenue split. This change was implemented immediately, allowing streamers to keep the 70% revenue share rate even if they earn more than $100,000 in net subscription revenue per year. Twitch acknowledged that the previous cap limited the earning and growth opportunities for affected streamers and served as a deterrent.

New Fixed Rate Model for Prime Gaming Subscriptions

Lastly, Twitch is transitioning to a fixed rate model for Prime Gaming subscriptions based on the country of the subscriber. For instance, streamers will receive $2.25 for every Prime Gaming subscription from US and Canadian viewers, and $1.80 per subscription from UK-based viewers. These rate updates will begin on June 3 and will be adjusted annually as needed.

Impact of the Changes

“Every month, over one million streamers earn money streaming on Twitch,” the company stated. “The income they make directly from Twitch is a significant part of how they fund their lives. Twitch’s long-term success depends on our ability to help these creators sustain their careers over time.”

These changes are expected to have a positive impact on Twitch streamers, providing more financial stability and growth opportunities for those who rely on the platform as their primary source of income. For more Insider Gaming news, read about game-s-failure” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>the controversy surrounding bloggers being blamed for a game’s failure.

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