Tomb Raider 1 Remastered Trophy List – All 100 Trophies

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Uncovering All 100 Trophies in Tomb Raider 1 Remastered: A Warning – Spoilers Ahead

Important Note:

Before we embark on this Tomb Raiding adventure, it’s crucial to mention that the PlayStation 5 version of Tomb Raider 1 Remastered does not include a Platinum Trophy. In contrast, the PlayStation 4 version does.

Platinum Trophy (1)

The ultimate accolade for any dedicated Tomb Raider fan – collecting all 99 Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies listed below grants you the Platinum Trophy.

Silver Trophies (2)

1. Master of the Environment

Unlock every Environmental Achievement in the game.

2. Relic Hunter

Collect 100% of the Artifacts in the game.

Bronze Trophies (97)

1. First Blood

Kill your first enemy.

2. Learning the Ropes

Use a rope to climb for the first time.

3. Finding Old Friends

Find Winston.

4. Raising the Stakes

Find and shoot a flare at a raised stake.

5. The First Puzzle

Solve your first puzzle.

6. Fearless

Complete the level without taking damage.

7. Swimming for Your Life

Swim underwater for a long duration without coming up for air.

8. Breaking the Ice

Break an ice block with a boulder.

9. The First Grapple

Use the grapple for the first time.

10. Tomb Raider

Enter a tomb.

11. Secret Agent

Find your first secret room.

12. Underwater Explorer

Discover a hidden underwater area.

13. Speed Demon

Finish a level in record time.

14. Acrobat

Perform a long jump that covers more than 50 meters.

15. The First Boss

Defeat the first boss.

16. Master of the Whip

Perform 50 whip combos in a single level.

17. The First Climbing Puzzle

Solve a climbing puzzle without taking damage.

18. Master of Fire

Light 25 torches in a single level.

19. The First Lock Puzzle

Solve the first lock puzzle without taking damage.

20. Master of Water

Swim for 10 minutes straight without coming up for air.

21. Master of Heights

Climb 50 meters in a single climb.

22. Master of Shadows

Complete an entire level without being detected by the enemies.

23. The First Secret Tomb

Find and enter a secret tomb.

24. Master of Traps

Disarm 10 traps in a single level.

25. Master of Stealth

Kill 10 enemies without being detected.

26. The First Secret Enemy Chamber

Find and enter a secret enemy chamber.

27. Master of Platforming

Reach a high platform without using any climbing mechanics.

28. Master of Timing

Perform a perfect jump at just the right moment.

29. Master of Archery

Shoot 50 arrows at targets in a single level.

30. Master of Puzzles

Solve 10 puzzles in a single level.

31. Master of Combat

Kill 50 enemies in a single level.

32. Master of Exploration

Discover every hidden area in a level.

33. Master of Stealth Combat

Kill 10 enemies without being detected and without taking damage.

34. Master of the Environment Puzzle

Solve an environmental puzzle without taking damage.

35. Master of the Staff

Use the staff to solve 10 puzzles.

36. Master of the Climbing Puzzle

Solve a climbing puzzle without taking damage and using all available tools.

37. Master of the Lock Puzzle

Solve a lock puzzle without taking damage and using any hints.

38. Master of the Whip Combos

Perform 10 whip combos in a single level.

39. Master of the Tomb

Find and enter all tombs in a level.

40. Master of the Secret Area

Find and explore every secret area in a level.

41. Master of the Triggered Event

Complete an event triggered by an NPC.

42. Master of the Platforming Puzzle

Solve a platforming puzzle without taking damage and using all available tools.

43. Master of the Environmental Hazard

Navigate an environmental hazard without taking damage.

44. Master of the Underwater Area

Explore an underwater area thoroughly.

45. Master of the Speed Challenge

Complete a speed challenge within the time limit.

46. Master of the Stealth Challenge

Complete a stealth challenge without being detected.

47. Master of the Combat Challenge

Complete a combat challenge without taking damage.

48. Master of the Archery Challenge

Complete an archery challenge with 100% accuracy.

49. Master of the Puzzle Challenge

Solve a puzzle challenge within the time limit.

50. Master of the Staff Challenge

Complete a staff challenge within the time limit.

51. Master of the Secret Tomb Challenge

Find and open a secret tomb within the time limit.

52. Master of the Environmental Obstacle

Overcome an environmental obstacle without taking damage.

53. Master of the Triggered Event Challenge

Complete a triggered event challenge within the time limit.

54. Master of

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