It’s Time The Last of Us Left Ellie Behind

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The Last of Us: Is It Time for Ellie to Retire?

Recently, gamers have been abuzz with the possibility of a third installment in The Last of Us series, following a hint dropped by creator Neil Druckmann during the ‘Grounded II’ documentary. Druckmann teased that there could be “more to the story” based on events from the last decade.

Moving Beyond Ellie’s Story

As a fan, I’m excited about the prospect of new adventures in this post-apocalyptic world. However, I would welcome a departure from Ellie’s story and her experiences thus far. After the events of The Last of Us Part II, it appears Ellie has lost everything she held dear and is pursuing revenge rather than living peacefully with her family.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t played The Last of Us Part II, this article will reveal the entire plot.

The End of Ellie’s Journey

Following her decimation of Abby’s circle, Ellie is left with little reason to continue her journey. She succumbs to her biggest fear – being alone in a desolate world. The alternative? A new and fresh story with unknown characters and settings.

Exploring New Territories

While The Last of Us offers a glimpse into various areas of the post-apocalyptic nation, there is an overwhelming amount of possibilities. A new setting would transport players to a completely new world, as seen with titles like Fallout.

A New Chapter for The Last of Us

Although Naughty Dog could continue Ellie’s story, I believe her character has reached the end of her journey. From being a hopeful and determined survivor in the first game to a darker, more vengeful character in the second, Ellie’s path has been explored. It might be time for a new protagonist and a shift in direction for The Last of Us.

Introducing New Characters and Locales

Naughty Dog’s announcement of a new, standalone Last of Us title with a fresh cast and locations was an exciting prospect. It offered the opportunity to explore what has become of the rest of the country.

Exploring a New Path

As a dedicated fan, I’m eager for the story to continue in any way possible. While Ellie’s tale has come to an end, there is potential for new adventures with alternative protagonists and settings.

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