The British Army Is Using Fortnite As a Recruitment Tool

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British Army’s New Fortnite Experience, Operation: Belong – A Recruitment Tool or a Gaming Event?

The British Army recently introduced an exclusive Fortnite experience called ‘Operation: Belong’. Announced during a promotion for an event taking place on January 24, this custom map has sparked controversy amongst social media users.

A ‘Thinly Veiled Recruitment Tool’ or an Engaging Gaming Experience?

Operation: Belong encourages players to ‘conquer obstacles’, ‘apply your training’, and ‘work as one’. The tagline, ‘You belong here’, underlines the event’s intent. However, this military-themed gaming experience has raised concerns due to its potential recruitment implications.

An Old Tactic with a New Twist

The British Army isn’t the first organization to use Fortnite for marketing or promotional purposes, and it certainly won’t be the last. With Fortnite’s vast creative opportunities, numerous brands and companies have created interactive experiences in this globally popular game.

Is Operation: Belong a Recruitment Effort?

Many believe that this custom map, which shares similarities with America’s Army, is a recruitment attempt aimed at young players. However, the event is ‘age-gated to users 18+’ and features influencers like Elz the Witch and Yung Filly. The controversy surrounding Operation: Belong raises questions about the army’s intentions in using Fortnite for outreach.

The British Army’s Presence in Gaming and Esports

The British Army is an active participant in gaming and esports, often attending conventions and operating an esports team. Some view this as a deliberate attempt to ‘get ’em young’, while others argue it’s a genuine attempt to educate and engage youngsters about military enrollment.

A Contentious Move with Potential Consequences

Despite the disclaimer stating that this event is for users 18+, many believe it’s a mere formality on platforms like Twitch. With clear terms against commercial content and military enrollment in Fortnite’s content guidelines, the future of Operation: Belong remains uncertain.

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