As Overwatch 2 Struggles, Blizzard Employees Didn’t Get Bonuses With Policy Changes

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Blizzard’s Troubles with Overwatch 2 Continue: Developers Miss Out on Profit-Sharing Bonuses

According to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, the development of Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 is facing challenges that have led to developers missing out on profit-sharing bonuses, a practice once common within the company

The Impact of Overwatch 2’s Struggles

Schreier reports that the struggles surrounding the development of Overwatch 2 led to developers not receiving any profit-sharing bonuses in 2023. This decision comes as Blizzard undergoes significant changes to its company policies.

A Policy Change

Previously, employees at Blizzard received bonuses based on the overall performance of the company. However, last summer, payouts became tied to the performance of each specific franchise.

A Long-standing Debate

The report indicates that Overwatch 2 developers weren’t the only ones to miss out on bonuses. Those working on Diablo and World of Warcraft teams received theirs, but the absence of bonuses for Overwatch developers marks the culmination of a long-standing debate within the company.

A Company-Wide Disagreement

“Leadership at Blizzard, including former presidents Mike Morhaime and J. Allen Brack, fought for bonuses to be shared company-wide,” the report reads. “Activision’s leadership, driven by former CEO Bobby Kotick, argued that those behind the most lucrative products should be rewarded the most.”

New Leadership, New Policies

It’s important to note that the change in policy regarding profit-sharing bonuses took place in 2023, before incoming CEO Johanna Faries assumed her role. Faries has since stated that she will review the existing company policies.

Overwatch 2’s Mixed Reviews and Future

The launch of Overwatch 2 in 2022 was met with mixed reviews due to player concerns about the removal of gameplay features and unfulfilled promises regarding content. The game’s primary selling point, a PvE hero mode, has been scaled back, and Blizzard has decided not to complete the remaining PvE content in development. Instead, they are focusing more on the PvP gameplay that defined the original Overwatch.

Request for Comment

Insider Gaming has reached out to Activision Blizzard for comment on the bonus structure and the current state of development within the company. Should a response be received, it will be added to this story.

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