Rebel Wolves Confirms Dawnwalker Is Debut Game

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**Title:** Rebel Wolves’ First Game Officially Announced: “Dawnwalker” – A Dark Fantasy RPG with Supernatural Abilities and Period Elements?

**Rebel Wolves Unveils “Dawnwalker”:**

In an official statement, the new development studio Rebel Wolves confirmed their debut game will be named “Dawnwalker” (*1*). To go along with this announcement, they released a captivating new wallpaper featuring a shadowy swordsman in leaping motion (*2*).

**Team Composition:**

Rebel Wolves boasts an impressive lineup, with several CD Projekt Red veterans onboard. Most notably, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz was recently appointed as the Creative Director (*3*).

**Details About Dawnwalker:**

Thus far, information regarding Dawnwalker remains scarce. The title reveal does not provide much beyond the game’s moniker (*4*). However, fans might recall some earlier rumors that hinted at a dark fantasy RPG set in an open world (*5*).

**Rumored Features:**

Recent comments from Tomaszkiewicz suggest Dawnwalker will offer “variety of choices and room for experimentation” when replayed (*6*). Additionally, the team’s intent to create a world that players will want to explore indicates a story-driven approach.

**Wallpaper Analysis:**

The new wallpaper artwork offers clues about Dawnwalker’s potential elements, with a dark, brooding design and the figure holding a sword while wearing older attire (*7*). The character appears to have clawed hands, which could suggest players might assume the role of a supernatural being like a vampire. Furthermore, the black and red motif further reinforces these rumors.


With the character’s aged appearance, period clothing, and clawed hands, it’s possible that Dawnwalker could be a historically-grounded dark fantasy game (*8*).

**Upcoming Updates:**

Now that the title has been confirmed, fans can expect more art to be unveiled soon. In related news, there are speculations about an upcoming DLC for another highly-anticipated game (*9*). For more information on the latest gaming developments, be sure to check out our dedicated gaming section.


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