New Elden Ring Update Suggests Impending DLC Release

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Title: New Elden Ring DLC Leak Suggests “Shadow of the Erdtree” Could Be Releasing Soon

Twitter user @Ziostorm1, an active contributor to the Elden Ring community, recently discovered a new DLC package in the game’s PC files. This unexpected update first emerged just a few days ago [h2]New Elden Ring DLC Discovered[/2].

The appearance of this new file adds weight to ongoing rumors suggesting that the “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC could be released shortly [h2]Rumored Shadow of the Erdtree DLC[/2]. @Ziostorm1 pointed out that this is the first file update since Elden Ring’s launch and shared their findings in a post [h2]User Discovery[/2].

Although the size of the DLC package has yet to be determined, it’s unlikely that the developers would wait too long before announcing such an anticipated expansion. However, they might opt for a surprise release, known as a “shadow drop” [h2]Possible Shadow Drop[/2].

Intriguingly, back in December 2023, @Ziostorm1 also unearthed hints of a potential collaboration between Elden Ring and Thrustmaster. Early images of Elden Ring-themed controllers were leaked, promising to “sync with the new Shadow of the Erdtree expansion” [h2]Controller Leak[/2]. Fans speculated that this leak could indicate a February 25th release date for the new Elden Ring DLC, as the game originally launched on that day in February 2022 [h2]February Release Date Rumors[/2].

Additionally, collectible company PureArts recently hinted at the launch of their first Elden Ring product in February 2024 [h2]PureArts Release Tease[/2]. This evidence strongly suggests that Elden Ring may be releasing a significant anniversary DLC, but these findings should still be considered just rumors [h2]Anniversary DLC Rumors[/2].

Elden Ring, a game that received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, is an impressive achievement for the studio. Fans eagerly anticipate celebrating this one-year anniversary with new content [h2]Elden Ring One-Year Anniversary[/2].

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