Palworld Developers Reveal Anti-Cheat Plans

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Palworld Developers Address Cheating Concerns: Player List Function and External Solution

In a recent tweet, Palworld developers acknowledged the server issues currently affecting the game and revealed their plans to combat cheating. The team announced that they are working on “measures to deal with [it] strictly and as a priority.”

New Update to Include Optional Player List Function

According to the developers, a player list function will be added in an upcoming update at the end of February. This feature will allow users to identify and suspend cheaters within their community servers, single player, and co-op game modes. However, the team did not clarify what their “external solution” and future “thorough measures” entail.

Palworld’s Successful Launch and Future Plans

When it first released, Palworld set various records on Steam, including concurrent players and copies sold. Despite a recent decrease in buzz around the game, Pocket Pair announced last month that they have plans for Player versus Player (PvP) modes, Raid Bosses, and even a Pal Arena.

Palworld’s Impressive Xbox Game Pass Debut

Additionally, Palworld was the biggest third-party Xbox Game Pass launch to date, indicating a sizeable audience for the game.

Infringing on Nintendo’s IP Rights

However, some players have criticized Palworld for its similarities to Pokémon. Last week, Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that the company would “take appropriate action against those that infringe our intellectual property (IP) rights.”

Collaboration with KLab for New Game Development

Furthermore, Pocket Pair revealed last month that they will be collaborating with KLab to jointly develop and operate a new game. Although details have not been confirmed, the devs described the gameplay model as “hybrid-casual.”

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