Naughty Dog Teases New Chapter For The Last Of Us

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Title: Exciting News About the Next Chapter in The Last of Us Series: A New Direction with “Grounded III”

Neil Druckmann, co-president at Naughty Dog, recently announced during the making-of special for The Last of Us Part II that another installment in the series is currently in the concept phase. Druckmann expressed his excitement about this new chapter, stating “there’s probably one more chapter to this story” (Grounded II: Making The Last of Us Part II).

Despite his enthusiasm, Druckmann did not reveal any specific details. He stated, “I do have that concept that to me is as exciting as 1, as exciting as 2, is its own thing” (Naughty Dog Interview). The recent reveal suggests that Naughty Dog’s next title may not be The Last of Us Part 3 as previously anticipated.

Since the concept for this new game is still in its infancy, it would take Naughty Dog considerable time to develop it. This aligns with recent statements made by Jeffrey Pierce, the actor who voices Tommy in The Last of Us series. In December 2023, Pierce confirmed that he had not yet started recording lines for The Last of Us Part 3 (IGN).

Fans can, however, look forward to an enhanced version of the previous game. The Last of Us Part 2: Remastered was released last month, featuring various technical improvements and a new ‘No Return’ mode (PlayStation Blog).

The Last of Us Part 3 was originally planned as an contact multiplayer game titled The Last of Us Online. However, due to resource constraints, Naughty Dog decided against it, fearing that its development would “severely impacting development on future single-player games” (Naughty Dog’s Blog).

This new chapter in The Last of Us sounds promising, with Druckmann confirming that there would be a “throughline for all three” installments. Fans can expect a fresh direction while still staying connected to the series’ established narrative.

In other news, recent hints from Naughty Dog suggest that a new DLC for The Last of Us Part 2 may be in the quality assessment stage (GameInformer). Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite games!

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