Metro VR Has Been Revealed, But Where’s ‘Metro 4’?

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Metro: A Decade of Post-Apocalyptic Excellence

The Metro franchise has been one of the best post-apocalyptic series in the gaming industry for over a decade. Known for its harrowing and horrific universe, Metro has challenged the norm set by games like Fallout and perfected a chilling experience within Moscow’s mutant-infested metro system. In 2019, Metro Exodus was released, pushing the boundaries of the apocalyptic world even further and introducing an expansive above-ground wasteland.

A New Perspective: Metro Awakening

More recently, a VR-exclusive title named Metro Awakening was announced as a spin-off from the main series. This new game will offer players an immersive, alternate perspective within the Metro universe. With the next major entry in question, fans are eager to know where the series is heading next.

A Rocky Development: The Current State of Metro

Following the announcement, it was confirmed that the next major Metro title is still in development:

The Impact of Geopolitical Conflict

There has been little information regarding the game’s progress over the last year or two. In January 2023, 4A Games provided an update, revealing that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had significantly disrupted the development process for Metro. Some team members opted to join the frontline to fight in the war, leaving the project in an uncertain state.

Creative Community: Exodus SDK

Despite the challenges, 4A Games continued to engage fans with the release of the Exodus SDK in 2022. This innovative tool allowed tech-savvy Metro enthusiasts to create mods and custom content within Metro Exodus like never before, providing an editor that opened up the game’s post-apocalyptic world to limitless possibilities.

The Future of Metro: What’s Next?

At present, there is very little known about the next Metro title. Earlier in 2023, we reported on its development status but could only confirm that it was being worked on by 4A Games. Rumors have circulated about a possible open-world, base-building multiplayer game – potentially based on Metro Exodus’ ‘good ending’ – but no official confirmation has been given yet.

A Long Wait: Unveiling the Next Metro Masterpiece

We’ll have to be patient before uncovering what the next Metro game will bring. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting franchise and join us as we continue to cover the latest in Insider Gaming news.

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