LEGO 2K Goal Announcement Coming Soon, It’s Claimed

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LEGO 2K Goal Announcement “Right Around the Corner”: Kurakasis

According to a trusted leaker on Twitter, Kurakasis, an announcement for LEGO 2K Goal could be coming soon.

Reliable Leaker

Kurakasis has a history of accurately leaking upcoming game titles, including the recent Sonic X Shadow Generations.

UEFA EURO 2024 Connection

Kurakasis also hinted that LEGO 2K Goal is planned to be released around EURO 2024. The UEFA EURO 2024 football tournament kicks off in June 2024 and lasts for several weeks, providing ample time for LEGO 2K Goal to tie in with the event.

Early Listing

A listing for LEGO 2K Goal was discovered on the PlayStation store in November 2023. Although no official confirmation has been given by PlayStation, it’s believed that the listing was posted prematurely.

Multiplayer and Platforms

The PlayStation store listing revealed that the game supports 1 to 4 players. A separate rating in Korea suggested that it will be released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

LEGO and Fortnite Collaboration

Recently, LEGO fans have enjoyed the collaboration between LEGO and Fortnite. The crossover was well-received by both communities.

Mixed Reviews for LEGO 2K Drive

LEGO’s previous game, LEGO 2K Drive, received mixed reviews. The game combined classic LEGO construction with kart racing and mini-games but was criticized for its controversial shop.

Future of FIFA

Kurakasis also addressed rumors about 2K potentially taking over the new FIFA game. They believe that 2K could confirm these rumors around the time of the LEGO 2K Goal announcement or release.

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