Dead Cells Designer Reportedly Criticizes Move to End Updates

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Dead Cells: Creator’s Criticism of Final Update

Sébastien Benard, the original designer of Dead Cells, expressed his disappointment in Motion Twin’s decision to end creative updates for the game through the official Discord server.

Motion Twin’s Announcement

In a statement, Motion Twin revealed that Update 35 will mark the end of new creative content for Dead Cells. The developers emphasized the importance of maintaining the game’s unique charm and avoiding creative burnout.

Benard’s Criticism

However, Benard had strong objections to Motion Twin’s decision. He publicly criticized it as a “worst imaginable a**hole move” and “total marketing bulls***.” Benard also suggested that there might be more to the situation than what has been disclosed.

Possible Cost-Cutting Measures

There have been widespread layoffs in the gaming industry lately, and it’s possible that Motion Twin could be looking to cut costs. Microsoft also recently underwent significant layoffs and faced backlash from the FTC.

Previous Successes

Despite this, Dead Cells’ developers have enjoyed success with various expansions throughout the years.

Benjamin Laulan’s Optimism

In October 2023, Benjamin Laulan, COO of Insider Gaming, hinted at a promising future for Dead Cells. He mentioned plans for new content “next year.”

New Developments in Dead Cells Universe

Although Update 35 will be the last creative update, the Dead Cells universe is still expanding. A new DLC and a board game adaptation are in development.

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