Laura Bailey Revealed That Abusive TLOU Players Threatened Her Newborn Child

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Actress Laura Bailey Speaks Out: Despicable Last of Us Fans Targeted Her Child in Hate Campaign

In a heart-wrenching segment from the ‘Grounded II’ documentary, which offers an in-depth look at The Last of Us Part II’s development process, Laura Bailey revealed the disturbing extent of hate campaigns waged by fans against her and her family. Following the release of The Last of Us Part II in 2020, developers and actors alike endured relentless abuse from fans who disagreed with certain plot points or character decisions.

Abusive Fans Targeted Bailey for Her Role as Abby

Bailey, who provided the voice and motion capture performance for semi-antagonist Abby, became the main target of this vitriol. It’s a regrettable trend in the gaming world – actors have long been subjected to harassment from fans who don’t see eye-to-eye with their creative choices. Bailey shared her harrowing experience in the documentary:

“The hatred towards The Last of Us Part II exceeds any other title released in recent history. Thousands of gamers, with a grudge to bear, set out to review bomb the game and harass actors and developers with death threats.”

The Sheer Intensity of Online Harassment

Bailey’s revelation came during a two-hour-long ‘Making of’ documentary, Grounded II. Even as the world awaits upcoming releases of The Last of Us series, actors and developers continue to face backlash over these topics. There’s an unfounded assumption that those portraying the same characters in future projects will encounter similar criticism if the storyline remains consistent.

The Lasting Impact of Online Abuse

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