UK Study Reveals The ‘Ultimate Video Game Playlists’

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GAME and University of York Collaborate on Ultimate Video Game Playlists

UK retailer, GAME, has partnered with the University of York’s psychology group to create “ultimate video keyboards playlists for every mood”. The study by GAME and UOY selects best-selling titles since 2008, strategically choosing soundtrack items to motivate, pump up, or relax the listener. These series of Spotify playlists are designed to enhance overall gaming experiences and outcomes.

Research Supports Use of Music in Gaming

“In the context of music, selections for specific scenarios become pivotal in enhancing the overall experiences and outcomes, playing a key role in gaming

GAME-Branded Playlists Created

Popular Games Featured in Playlists

Franchises such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Mario Kart, Halo, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, and Far Cry are represented in the curated playlists.

Playlists Available Exclusively on Spotify

gaming soundtracks, visit GAME’s Spotify profile here.”

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