Fortnite OG Return Possibly Getting Separate Mode

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Fortnite OG Gets Its Own Playlist Tag: A Separate Mode or Temporary Celebration?

According to reputable leakers @HYPEX, @Egyptian_Leaker, and @SpushFNBR, Fortnite OG now has a distinct playlist tag, suggesting the possibility of a unique game mode.

Athena.Playlist.Rufus: A Reminder of the Original Map

@Egyptian_Leaker shared the tag, “Athena.Playlist.Rufus,” on Twitter, which refers to Fortnite’s original map that has maintained popularity for years.

Will Fortnite OG Be a Permanent Addition?

Despite the existence of a separate playlist tag for Fortnite OG, it remains uncertain if this would be a permanent feature. The mode could simply be another brief celebration, as speculated by @HYPEX.

Epic Games’ Plans for Fortnite OG

Epic Games announced earlier that Fortnite OG would return at some point in 2024, citing its massive success. Creating a dedicated playlist for Fortnite OG could be an attempt to cater to the enthusiastic fanbase.

Pros and Cons of a Permanent Fortnite OG Playlist

A permanent Fortnite OG playlist would have its advantages, such as allowing Epic Games to introduce previous LTMs and make adjustments to the original map. However, it could potentially disrupt other game modes by drawing a significant number of players.

Epic Games’ Preparations for Fortnite OG

The 2024 timeframe indicates that Epic Games might already be gearing up for the release, which could facilitate uncovering playlist tags and other valuable leaks.

New Leaks on Joining Fortnite

Additional leaks emerged today discussing the joining process for new players, but Xbox already unveiled some of these characters accidentally through in-console marketing last month.

Fortnite’s Continued Popularity

With Fortnite’s immense popularity, even the British Army considered using it as a training tool.

Latest Fortnite News: Exclusive Tools Revealed

For more up-to-date information on Fortnite, check out the recent news about exclusive tools that have been unveiled.

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