Dragon’s Dogma 2 Devs Apologize to Fans, Tease Future Updates

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Capcom Apologizes for Dragon’s Dogma 2 Performance Issues and In-Game Monetization

Capcom has addressed concerns from players regarding the performance issues and controversial in-game monetization in Dragon’s Dogma 2 on Steam. In a recent post, Capcom expressed their apologies and announced upcoming updates.

Capcom’s Promises for Dragon’s Dogma 2

The gaming company is committed to improving the performance of Dragon’s Dogma 2, with plans to add an option for players to start a new game. Capcom also promised bug fixes, although no specific timeline was given.

Apology and Defensive Position

Capcom acknowledged the disappointment of fans who were looking forward to the game, but then listed items that could still be obtained in-game or as paid DLC. This defensive position suggests that Capcom will not make significant changes to the contentious monetization strategy.

Mixed Reception for Dragon’s Dogma 2

Despite the hype surrounding Dragon’s Dogma 2, the game received mixed reviews upon its release due to performance issues and monetization. Critics also expressed concerns about the inclusion of Denuvo anti-tamper software.

Addressing Performance Concerns

Capcom acknowledged the presence of critical problems such as crashes and freezing, and announced plans to address these issues starting with those of highest priority.

Positive Changes for the Future

In a positive development, Capcom recently announced plans to invest in research and development over the next few years. This shift towards consumer-focused improvements is much welcomed amidst industry challenges.

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