Epic Games Announces 2024 Return to iOS in Europe

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Epic Games to Launch Epic Games Store on iOS in Europe with New Digital Markets Act

Following the news from Epic Games, the company is set to launch the Epic Games Store on iOS in Europe this year. In a recent blog post, Epic Games announced that they will begin developing the mobile version of their store “thanks to the new Digital Markets Act.” Although a definite release date has not been confirmed, Epic Games Sweden AB will lead the development and operation of the mobile Epic Games Store and Fortnite in Europe.

Background: The Long Court Battle between Apple and Epic Games

This news comes after a lengthy legal performance between Apple and Epic Games. Last month, Apple requested that Epic Games pay for legal reimbursements. The two companies have been embroiled in a dispute over App Store fees and payment systems, which has resulted in Epic Games being removed from the App Store.

A Look Back at 2023: Fortnite’s Expansion and Success

The blog post also provides a review of Epic Games’ 2023, which was indeed an eventful year. Fortnite saw significant growth with the introduction of new modes, including Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing, both of which have garnered a considerable following. The latest collaboration between Fortnite and Disney has also proven to be successful.

Disney’s Major Investment in the New Fortnite Universe

Last week, Disney announced a major investment of $1.5 billion in a new Fortnite universe. According to the earnings report, this collaboration will bring together Disney’s beloved brands and franchises with Fortnite, creating a transformative new games and entertainment universe that could potentially expand with countless IPs.

Upcoming Features: New Download Manager, Improvements to Offline Mode, and Social Features

The blog post also hinted at upcoming features for the Epic Games Store, including a new Download Manager, improvements to Offline Mode and social features. Stay tuned for more Insider Gaming news as we continue to cover the latest developments in the gaming industry.

Palworld Developer Pocket Pair Announces Major Update

In related news, Palworld developer Pocket Pair recently announced a major update for their upcoming MMORPG. For more information on this exciting announcement, be sure to read our latest article.

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