Embracer Has Now Made 1,400 Layoffs in Bid to ‘Maximise Shareholder Value’

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Embracer Group Reports Net Sales Increase but Anticipates More Divestitures and Potential Layoffs

Today, the Embracer Group released its financial report for the last quarter of 2023. The company reported an increase in net sales, surpassing expectations and marking a stable final quarter. However, this positive news was overshadowed by comments made by CEO Lars Wingefors concerning potential future restructuring measures.

Recent Embracer Group Restructuring: 1,400 Employees Let Go

In the past year, the Embracer Group has implemented significant changes, resulting in the layoff of approximately 1,400 employees (accounting for around 8% of its global workforce, including subsidiaries). Wingefors emphasized that this was part of the ongoing restructuring program to improve efficiency and cash generation.

Compassionate Approach to Employee Separations

“We are carrying out these decisions with compassion, respect, and integrity towards those affected,” Wingefors stated regarding the recent layoffs. He further addressed the company’s progress in restructuring efforts.

Positive Financial Returns and the Future of Embracer Group

Despite the recent workforce reductions, the company reported a positive return on investments across the board. Wingefors emphasized that these changes are being made to establish a solid foundation for the future growth of Embracer Group.

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