Eidos-Montreal Issues Statement On Layoffs

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Eidos-Montreal Addresses Layoffs Affecting 97 Employees

Eidos-Montreal has acknowledged the recent termination of jobs at the studio, with a total of 97 employees from various teams being let go. In response to inquiries from Insider Gaming, Embracer Group issued the following statement:

“A Legacy of Innovative Storytelling in the Gaming Industry”

For the past 17 years, Eidos-Montreal teams have played a significant role in creating some of the industry’s most cherished titles, blending rich narratives and groundbreaking gameplay into unforgettable experiences. We take immense pride in our work and the dedication of our team members, who have poured their passion and creativity into these projects.

“Navigating Economic Challenges and Embracer’s Restructuring”

The economic climate, challenges within our industry, and the widespread restructuring initiated by Embracer Group have ultimately affected Eidos-Montreal. With a heavy heart, we announce that we will be letting go of 97 employees from our development, administrative, and support services teams.

“Providing Assistance During the Transition”

We recognize the immense talent and experience of those affected by this decision. Our top priority is to support these individuals throughout their career transition. We are committed to helping them secure new opportunities and remain optimistic about their future in the gaming industry.

“Focusing on Employee Well-being and Continued Commitment to Excellence”

During this challenging period, the well-being of our team remains our top priority. We remain steadfast in our mission to create captivating games for our fans. To our supporters, your unwavering enthusiasm and encouragement mean the world to us. As we move forward, we will continue to push boundaries and deliver exceptional gaming experiences.

“A Heartfelt Thank You and Invitation for Your Support”

To our players, we are humbled by the recognition of not only our games but also the people behind them. We remain dedicated to crafting amazing experiences for you, and this restructuring change will not deter us from that commitment. Your ongoing support and encouragement mean the world to our team during these difficult times.

Your Thoughts on the Layoffs at Eidos-Montreal?

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